POE 8 is coming!

The Peace on Earth Hunt is coming soon, so I thought I’d wet your appetite.

POE Tabby's Fashion  Christmas maxi dress  with shoes_001

POE Tabby’s Fashion  Christmas maxi dress  with shoes

{POSH PIXELS} Peace Gown - POE8 2015_002

{POSH PIXELS} Peace Gown – POE8 2015

Inkheart Eyes - Peace on Earth 8 Hunt Gift

 Inkheart Eyes – Peace on Earth 8 Hunt Gift

[ASHBURY] POE 8 Hunt Gifts Store #45 Boxed

[ASHBURY] POE 8 Hunt Gifts Store #45

POE8 - Noel Gown_001

POE8 – Noel Gown_001

“Failure To Thrive”

The Gray ChildEMO-tions* RULA *
.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild nosechain gold
GizzA – Asia Watch&Bracelet [Black-Silver] Watch&Bracelet
Lolita – Mesh Vanity Top
SYSY’s Uptown Capris
SEVEN – Black eyeliner & eyelash (2)
[mock] Cosmetics Cherry Wine Lipstain


You’re sad because you’re sad.
It’s psychic. It’s the age. It’s chemical.
Go see a shrink or take a pill,
or hug your sadness like an eyeless doll
you need to sleep.

Well, all children are sad
but some get over it.
Count your blessings. Better than that,
buy a hat. Buy a coat or pet.
Take up dancing to forget.

Forget what?
Your sadness, your shadow,
whatever it was that was done to you
the day of the lawn party
when you came inside flushed with the sun,
your mouth sulky with sugar,
in your new dress with the ribbon
and the ice-cream smear,
and said to yourself in the bathroom,
I am not the favorite child.

My darling, when it comes
right down to it
and the light fails and the fog rolls in
and you’re trapped in your overturned body
under a blanket or burning car,

and the red flame is seeping out of you
and igniting the tarmac beside your head
or else the floor, or else the pillow,
none of us is;
or else we all are.

Margret Atwood

The Young RepublicanModel – Mikhail Pasternak
Gabriel Slim fit suit /Black
Hairstyle CHRIS – Black – REDGRAVE

This Sim is a New Favorite! “Failure To Thrive [ The Gray Child ]”

My New Desert Home

Just wanted to show you some views of my new digs! This beauty is from RageWorks, it is called Studio CM. Enjoy.


Lazuri Saffi Turquoise Necklace
Concept}12.  Jacob>> Sofa BLACK – PG –  RARE
Concept}14.  Jacob>> Couch Black-  PG  – RARE
Concept}09.  Jacob>> Pots dark
Concept}04.  Jacob>> Coffee Table white Marble
s i x 9 : Light Tree Lamp
s i x 9 : Heritage Vase
Potted Palm Urban Loft (big)
Paintings by Iggy Slash


s i x 9 : Industrial Ceiling Fan
Culprit Furniture  Horse on a Pedestal
JukeBox MP


s i x 9 : Modern Lounger : White
Potted Palm Urban Loft (big)
Paintings by Iggy Slash
Granite Planter Ad Foliage Grouping Storax


Kalopsia – New Royals Chair
Kalopsia – New Royals Couch
KdS-Arts Naps Stone Cat
s i x 9 : Wavy Privacy Screen
MF Statue MP
s i x 9 : Paper Lanterns
s i x 9 : Wall Petals : Colors
Bazar Roya- Bath tub
Bazar Roya- Candles
Bazar Roya- Laundry baskets


Pixel Mode – Ophelia Bed
Pixel Mode – Watcher
Carpets and Geo Lamp, my Creations
RE Art Deco Waterfall Closet
Kalopsia – New Royals Chair

Time for a Reboot

Reboot 2

Love this look from Zibska. It’s wearable sophistication.


Zibska ~ Chloe Trousers and Top

Zibska ~ Roxi Jewelry Set

[Con.] Mesh Wire Armchair London

FLECHA sculpted earthenware vase 4




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